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The perfect song for WORTH THE FALL.

RIP Christina Grimmie. My heart still hearts. The world will miss you.

All The Stars ~ Ed Sheeran and Christina Grimmie ~ The Voice, NBC

Fun Fact

Sunrise over the Swiss Alps

Sunrise over the Swiss Alps



This was my view while writing a few scenes of Worth The Fall in July 2013. Pretty glorious, huh? Funny thing, I’d been up since about five, not adjusted to the time difference, and waiting for the sunrise. I waited, and waited, and waited for the sun to edge up over the Alps. I’d been thinking it was just seconds away for almost an hour. Finally got up and went to the bathroom, and yep. I missed it! Still beautiful and a trip I will never forget.


Lauderbrunnen Switzerland

Worth The Fall Playlist



One More Moment is what I imagined them dancing to that last night at the beach. 🙁